Lose Belly Fat – Six Fat Facts

Lose belly fat and look good, feel better and live longer.
Losing belly fat is on many lists of New Year’s resolutions.
However, it is a goal rarely achieved.

You will have a much greater chance of success in getting those flat abs if you know the facts about fat. http://www.thatfatloseit.com

Your plan to lose belly fat is to consider these elements.

5 Fat Facts:

Fat Fact #1: Fat is stored in cells.
When we think of fat, think big.
But fat is stored in microscopic cells.
If you gain weight, these cells are larger.
When you lose weight, these cells shrink.
What does it mean for you? Not gain the fat into large pieces and not lose fat in large pieces.
It takes place at the cellular level.
Fat Fact # 2: Fat is stored energy.
Fat is essential to life.
It is a source of energy-efficient.
However, when we consume more energy than our bodies need, it gets stored as fat.
If we exercise our body has a greater need for energy.
After utilizing readily available carbohydrates the stored fat gets used as energy.
Fat Fact # 3: fat is lost slowly.
We want to lose belly fat quickly.
Therefore, diets are so popular.
They promise a fast fat burn.
This is a myth.
You gain fat slowly and you lose fat slowly.
It just does not c is no other way to achieve permanent weight loss.

Fat Fact #4: Fat is lost bodily.
When it comes to fat loss, lose belly fat typically talk.
Yet, we can’t target our stomach fat.
Gradually lose fat in your body.
In fact, our abdominal fat may be the last fat to melt away.
You can actually find that the fat is stored fat before leaving in the face.
Be patient, the love handles will eventually shrink if you stay on track with your plan.
Fat Fact # 5: Fat is clearly lost.
You won’t lose your belly fat with a fad, pill, machine, or any other gimmick.
You lose a substantial portion of the right diet and exercise.
Here are the components of a good plan:

Eat a healthy breakfast.
Eat small meals every 3-4 hours.

Eat lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and small amounts of unsaturated fat at each meal.
Eat small amounts of saturated fats.

Perform aerobic exercise for 30-45 mins.
Run aerobics 3-5 times per week.

Perform strength training exercises of all major muscles 2-3 times each week.
Fat Fact # 6: The fat is dangerous.
It is now well-known that excess belly fat contributes to some serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
Now researchers have to be excess abdominal fat in Alzheimer\#39;s disease.
If your waistline is bulging you are at four times the risk of dementia from Alzheimer’s Disease.
Now it\#39;s time to fight Alzheimer\#39;s disease, lose belly fat.

Follow the facts and you will lose belly fat gradually and permanently.

Lose fatbelly fat

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